If you pride yourself on not only being the person who always arrives on time, but also the person with the most accurate time, then Bathys Hawaii's got one heck of a watch for you. This monstrous creation, now just a prototype, is an actual atomic clock you can strap to your wrist that guarantees accurate time for at least a millennium.


Appropriately called the Cesium 133, the watch is powered by a $1,500 chip called the SA.45s CSAC (short for chip scale atomic clock) that contains everything you need to keep perfect atomic time, including cesium gas, a laser, and a photodiode detector. You'll have to take their word for the incredibly precision though; while the Cesium 33 can keep track of each tick down to the microsecond, the folks at Bathys Hawaii have still opted for a traditional analog watch face.

While it looks—and is—chunky above, this isn't just a concept. Bathys Hawaii is actually working to perfect and refine the Cesium 133 for a 2014 release. The final version will supposedly have a much smaller carbon fiber case, plus a series of LED status lights for monitoring the power reserves on its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. It will also come with a price tag of around $12,000, and while expensive, this is a rare opportunity to pay for functionality and totally get your money's worth. [A Blog To Watch via TechCrunch]

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