This gorgeous wooden table, designed by Ruben Beckers, is called kleinergleich5—which means "less than five"—because it weighs 4.5 kilos, just 10 pounds. What the hell?

That might sound perplexing until you take a look underneath where, instead of solid wood, you'll find a grid of extremely thin strips of wood which create a rigid structure to support the slender table top. The 28-millimeter deep lattice has a strut every 5 centimeters, and is enough to support most normal table-top activities.


Beckers explains that "it is safe to assume that at just 4.5 kilograms, it is probably the lightest wooden table in the world." The table was designed during the Wood*Transformation project at Kassel School of Art and Design, and is currently on display as part of the [D3] Design Talents exhibition at imm cologne. [Dezeen]

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