Maybe it's not a shocking revelation that a wooden bench used to be a tree, but the reason this bench is such a surprising piece of furniture is precisely because it confronts that reality head on. Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is tell truth, and in this case, truth is beauty.

The Holzbank bench by German designer Thomas Schnur looks downright primitive. It looks unfinished, as if a craftsman will come back to finish the job tomorrow. Rather than obfuscate the origins of the bench with his design, Schnur leaves the wood unvarnished so that its natural color shows through. It's larch wood, which is has been the source of Siberian log cabinsAnd the legs, in case you couldn't tell, are just roughly carved logs. Each bench is hand-made and takes eight weeks for delivery from Outdoorz Gallery. Unfortunately, you can't barter your way to a Holzbank bench. Getting back to the state of nature will cost you $500. Thomas Schnur and Outdoorz Gallery via Dezeen