This charming little roof tile is designed to encourage bird populations in urban areas—but its charm lies in the way it makes the most of an often-neglected space.

Dreamt up by Klaas Kuiken, the birdhouse is built atop a standard roof tile so it can be fastened to plenty of roofs. The top of the house is attached to the tile with a special glue which makes it resistant to extreme temperatures so that it does not come loose in the winter, but once inside a bird will find its home is actually rather roomy.


That's because there's a gap in the standard tile on which the house is built, through which birds gain entry to a larger living space—a basket, sunken into the roof below. Fortunately, Klaas Kuiken claims the basket is bird proof, so the critters won't get into your home. Klaas Kuiken has just finished producing the first batch of 100 birdhouses, and they can pre-ordered by emailing directly. [Klaas Kuiken via Design Boom]

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