This bubble magician totally has secret powers

This dude figured it out. While the rest of us foolish adults stopped playing with bubbles after the 4th grade, Su Chung Tai kept on going and became awesome at it. So awesome that he holds Guinness World Records for bubble blowing and can pull of tricks that probably involve sorcery and a heavy control over the atmosphere.

Kuma Films made this short of the famous bubble artist showing off his tricks. Apparently, his blowing skills include the ability to blow 15 bubbles within each other and string together 30 bubbles in a chain. I personally like it when he plays with the smokey bubbles that look like Flubber.


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Jeez, I'm old. I remember people doing stuff like this in the '80s. At one point there were so many "smoke bubble" pictures in The Daily Texan (UT Austin newspaper) that students were writing in to say, "we've seen enough of that crap."