This Canal in the Netherlands Will Soon Be a Water-Purifying Wave Pool

Starting in June 2015, you'll be able to surf a place you never thought you could surf before: the canals of Rotterdam. The city is building RiF010, a one and a half meter, 14-second wave pool in the middle of the city. Hang ten, bro.

The renders are a little silly, but just imagine an aquatic "sports arena" situated right on the Steigersgracht Canal in the middle of the Netherlands' second-largest city. It will be open to kayakers, scuba divers, and surfers, and aside from sounding very awesome, the surf center also has some environmental benefits; the wave-making process will also purify the canal's water.


It really sounds like win win win all around, in part because on top of all that, profits will be reinvested into the project down the road, to add things like a windmill to power the whole operation. Radical! Tubular! Whatever the Dutch equivalent of those terms are! [RiF010 via DesignBoom]

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