This Car Packs More Tech Than Your Home Office

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Most of us often sit in the back of our chauffeur-driven car crying out for it to be more like our office, right? Well, Bentley have made that dream a reality: its new Mulsanne has more gadgets than my house.

Evan Orensten, over at Cool Hunting, got a sneak-peek of the new Bentley Executive Interior Concept (EIC), and it's insane. It also looks like Bentley are complete Apple fan boys, too.

In the back, there are three - yep, three - screens. The obligatory headrest displays are complemented by an automated leather-clad 15" LED screen that swings down from the roof of the car when required. All of this is powered by a Mac Mini, which sits in the trunk of the car.


The Mini takes care of all the car's sound and video, as well as any work you might be able to convince yourself to do. Obviously you can hook up your iPhone or iPad (in fact, it comes with two iPads as standard). Tunes gets pumped out of a Naim audio system, which provides 20 channels, 20 speakers, and 2200 watts. So, err, quite loud, then.

An Apple wireless keyboard and track pad neatly tuck into specially designed holders (just next to the fridge in which you can store your champagne, natch). But if you get bored of using a keyboard, a custom Bentley app means you can control the whole lot from your iPhone or iPad, too.

Obviously the car has wifi, which means you're gonna have no trouble updating your Facebook status to shout about how much of a pimp you look in your new motor.

The Executive Interior Concept is available as an option. You just have to ask. No word on pricing, but then there's an old saying when it comes to buying a Bentley: if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. Damn. [Cool Hunting; Image: Bentley]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

For this kind of money, I wonder if you can elect a Windows based machine instead of a Mac. I could imagine there are many people who don't know how to use a Mac but are familiar with Windows based interfaces.