This Chair Is Also a Table

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This is a clever little concept design by New York-based Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects: a perfectly normal chair with a tiny little table top, that turns a functional piece of furniture into something rather more sociable.


Designed to be thrown together to create informal groupings, the backs of these chairs can be butted together to create a small table top, for play, drinks, meetings... whatever. Turn 90 degrees and you have arm rest and cup holder; swivel a whole 180 and you can actually use the 8-inch ledge as a table top. Two chairs make an ideal meeting space, but the concept extends to larger groupings, too, if you're willing to keep your legs to yourself.

Designed to be created out of either wood or metal, there are currently no plans to put the chair into production. Which is a shame, as they seem like a really cool idea. [Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects via Design Boom]


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