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This Classic Powerpuff Girls Villain Has Given Up His Life of Crime to Join the Gorillaz

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Though the Powerpuff Girls are excellent at fighting crime, they’ve never been all that great with rehabilitating villains because, well, they’re children who can’t be expected to do the penal system’s job. That being said, at least one member of the Utonium girls’ rogues gallery seems to have gotten his shit together in recent years, if the Gorillaz’ newest music video is any indication.

In the buildup to impending album The Now Now’s release, the animated band’s dropped a new music video featuring Jack Black and, curiously, Ace, the former leader of the Gangreen Gang.

According to the Gorillaz’s official newsletter, Ace is now an actual band member who’s filling in due to bassist Murdoc Niccals’ current absence. It’s not clear whether Ace can actually play the bass himself, but he’s definitely got the Gorillaz’s signature grungy, slimeball-chic aesthetic down to a T.


With Ace getting into the professional music biz, one has to wonder whether the Beat-Alls are back somewhere in Townsville fuming that they haven’t been signed... yet.

The Now Now drops on June 29.