Everyone needs a little privacy at work, but unfortunately this usually means erecting cheap walls of plastic which depress their inhabitants at the same time they define workspace. A new line of office furniture by the folks at Rack & Tack manages to divide up a room while still being cheery, colorful and clever.

Designed by Yuval Tal, the Honeycomb system uses wood and steel cubbies which you can arrange Tetris-like into the configuration of your choice.

In addition to adding a refreshing splash of color, the punched powder-coated steel acts as a screen, creating a bit of distance between another desk or a hallway but allowing in just enough light and movement to keep people from feeling caged.


Plus, unlike a cubicle wall, you can actually use the little cubbies for storage, keeping the clutter off of your desk. And speaking of your desk...

The Berta Plus desk is also a real looker. It has the clean lines of a midcentury furnishing but still looks utterly contemporary. And it's even got a cute little drawer. Check out more photos over at Design Milk. [Rack & Tack]