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This Clock Looks like the Wall of an Alien Spaceship

Illustration for article titled This Clock Looks like the Wall of an Alien Spaceship

You see that clock on your wall? That clock is awful. Why? It's awful because it isn't this clock—the shape-shifting, sci fi Art du Temps. It pulses instead of ticks. It flips open by voice command. It's... expensive.


As if it has a life of its own, the Art du Temps' mechanical square plates beat with each passing second—maybe it's inhabited by some advanced AI! Or, $90,000 worth of Swiss engineering. Yes, $90,000—a sum you could probably use to explore the cosmos and bring back an actual alien artifact, but this timepiece is much easier to acquire. Assuming you have $90,000 to spend on a wall clock. But what a wall clock! All those beating plates are neat, but simply ask for the time (en Francais?), and the Art du Temps unfolds to reveal a digital display beneath. It would easily be the coolest thing in your house—even if you have to mortgage said house to get one. [via Luxist]

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