This Coin-Firing Cardboard Pistol Turns Pocket Change into Ammo

Tweaking the design of his bizarre pump-action Oreo gun, Joerg Sprave has built a smaller version designed to take office warfare to the next level (if the next level is a long two-hour talk with human resources). Made only using stuff you'd find around the office—like cardboard, glue, staples, and rubber bands—the pump-gun is able to fire euro coins, US nickels, or M5 washers.


It's even got a 12-coin magazine so you don't have to waste time constantly reloading in the heat of battle, and the rounds are strong enough to pierce a cardboard box, or leave one heck of a bruise on your unfortunate target. The only catch? Who's willing to waste their pocket change for war when there are vending machines to be pillaged?

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I understand that the Giz audience would be interested in the occasional slingshot, but why do they post every single gun from Joerg's channel? Is there some kind of financial arrangement?