Serious travellers who need to stay connected when on the road know that a backup battery of some sort is a must-have travel companion. And it's no surprise that a battery pack named after one of the strongest animals on earth, a silverback gorilla, boasts that it can keep a laptop running for an amazing 14 hours straight.

The secret to the Powertraveller Silverback-Gorilla's charging prowess is a massive 60,000 mAh battery inside that's able to output 240-volts through an AC socket. Depending on the device you need to power you can dial the battery all the way down to just 80-volts, at a range of 50 to 60Hz. Not surprisingly the Silverback-Gorilla weighs in at around five and a half pounds so it's a little hefty, but at just over $450 it pretty much guarantees you won't be wanting for power between outlets. [Powertraveller via Gizmag]