For time trial riders, even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between missing the podium and donning the yellow jersey. The 2013 Scott Spilt Aero Helmet has been designed to shield your noggin without slowing you down—like, at all.

The Split Aero has been in development for two years now, being refined in wind tunnel tests at the Australian Institute of Sports and field testing as the official 2012 helmet of Team GreenEdge, an Australian Time Trial team. It is specifically designed to minimize the drag caused by ventilation holes. To that end, the Split Aero doesn't have any on its exterior. Instead, the helmet draws air in from around the optics mount, pushes it around the rider's head and out the rear. This maximizes the amount of air flow through the helmet with virtually zero additional drag.


The Split Aero won't be officially announced until the EuroBike trade show in September. Once announced, the helmets will likely hit store shelves in early 2013. They'll retail for $210 for the helmet itself, $300 for the helmet and optics lens set. [Triathalon Rumor via Bike Radar]