This Ecko Spraycan Is Filled With Speakers, Not Paint

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Deciding that form is the better way to make a name for themselves in the crowded Bluetooth speaker market than function, Ecko UNLTD's new Spray speaker looks like a can of spraypaint, but that's where the novelty ends.

A Bluetooth 2.1 connection lets the speaker pair with any A2DP compatible device, while a built in microphone also provides speakerphone functionality if you're using it with a smartphone. A pair of 40mm, 3 watt drivers hidden behind a metal grill should provide a decent amount of sound, and its lithium ion rechargeable battery can be easily swapped out, extending your listening pleasure past the ten hour mark if you carry a spare.


Instead of buttons, the can's dome can be rotated to control the volume or skip tracks, and pressing the nozzle lets you play and pause your music, or answer an incoming call. There's no word on pricing or availability yet, but that should all be revealed when it's officially unveiled at CES. So if you were hoping to become the Banksy of sound with it, check back in the new year for more details. [Griffin PR via Chip Chick]