This Electric Cart Lets Puny Humans Pull an 18-Wheeler's 20-Ton Trailer

Normally you need an unhealthy dose of gamma radiation, or a billion dollar robot suit, to gain super strength. But this manually-operated electric tug lets even the puniest of humans drag around a 20-ton cargo trailer like it was a child’s toy wagon.

The Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover XXL doesn’t look like something in Tony Stark’s garage. But it gives anyone at the controls the ability to drag around a cargo-packed trailer and easily maneuver it into a tight space, or around a crowded parking lot, which is a lot harder to do while you’re at the wheel of a truck.

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The electric tug also includes safety devices, so it’s easy to steer a 20-ton trailer without the risk of it tipping, and more importantly, so it’s just as easy to stop. It also includes an optional onboard air compressor, which can be used to operate the trailer’s own air brakes for additional stopping power, which is probably a very popular option.

The most important feature, however, is that the V-Move Trailer Mover XXL allows trucks, which are expensive to operate and maintain, to stay on the road hauling cargo where they can be most profitable, instead of trapped in a parking lot shunting trailers around.

[Verhagen Leiden via Reddit]


Stephan Zielinski

That looks to me like an accident waiting to happen. A loaded trailer is going to have serious inertia, so there’s no question of easily stopping it on a dime. With the guy walking backwards pulling on the handle and looking over his shoulder to see where he’s going, sooner or later he’s going to get his foot caught under the frontmost wheel and lose it. There isn’t even a shroud around that wheel to TRY to make sure that doesn’t happen.