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This Electric Superbike Packs Enough Juice for 185 Miles of Cruising

Illustration for article titled This Electric Superbike Packs Enough Juice for 185 Miles of Cruising

When you think electric vehicle, you might think of some piddling, golf cart-like geezer, humming its way along gently. Not a futuristic, 125 mph super-cycle. The Lito Sora motorcycle hardly looks like what it is—100% electric and fierce.


The Canadian-made Sora not only looks like it drove out of Blade Runner, but has some real world specs to lust after: 12 kilowatt-hours of lithium polymer battery life, a touch dashboard with GPS, and a 185 mile range off one charge. And that GPS? It'll adjust power consumption on the fly, depending on how distant your destination is.

That one charge, however, will take some time—eight hours to juice 'er up again. The Sora also only exists at the prototype right now, and you can bet on Tesla's sizzling grave that the thing will probably cost extravagantly more than anything you'll ever dream of affording. But you can drool! That's always free. [Lito via GizMag]

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Anyone who wants to ride that for 185 miles is in for some serious back pain. Speaking as someone who has rode across country.

Just for riding around town, looks pretty sweet.