This Endless Staircase Is an M.C. Escher Drawing Come to Life

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to climb around M.C. Escher's never ending staircase, you can give it a try right now on the lawn of the Tate Modern in London. Architecture firm dRMM has set up on installation that combines 15 wooden stairways, creating a dizzying maze designed to confuse visitors.

The installation is part of the London Design Festival, which starts tomorrow. There's no specific function it serves, except to give visitors a beautiful view of London overlooking the Thames. dRMM founder Alex de Rijke told Dezeen that "stairs are always the most interesting things about architecture [because they're] the places where people meet."


Some of the staircases go so high you can see all the way to St. Paul's Cathedral. Others have dead ends. Others will lead you to more staircases. It's an Escher-esque maze brought to life, and even if there is no point, it's an amazing, real-life optical illusion. [Dezeen]


Image credit: Dezeen


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