This Excellent Matrix Sentinel Figure Is Entirely 3D Printed

As 3D printing becomes more and more accessible, it's amazing what people will do with it. We've had Star Wars replicas, we've had a goddamn Batsuit - and now, this brilliant, fully articulated model of a spindly sentinel from The Matrix.

The model was designed by Reg Taylor, and it's not just the fact that it was built entirely out of 3D printed parts, but how detailed and articulated it is. The legs alone are made up of 300 individually printed parts, allowing them to be properly posed and used to steady the sentienl for display.


It's not just the tentacle legs that are articulated either, the sentinel's claws are all hinged, there's even moveable parts on the underside of the main body as well/the quality's just as good as you'd expect from a run of the mill figure - but the fact that it was cooked up by one guy and then just 3D printed together makes it all the more amazing. Keep on it with all the awesome 3D printing nerdery!

If you've got access to a 3D printer and want to build the model yourself, you can get the design files here.


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