This Fantastic Batman Armour Is Entirely 3D-Printed

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I mean, sure, emailing a wrench into space is pretty awesome, but so is using the wonderful technology of home 3D-printing to make yourself a badass Batsuit, right? Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts knows what's up.


Working with Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX, Dee's suit - based on the 'Dark Knight' skin from the video game Batman: Arkham Origins - was entirely built through 3D printing (well, outside the cape and the undersuit, naturally), based on plans from Gauntlet, before Tundra printed the them and finished the pieces off. It's amazing to think that it came from a 3D printer - it looks incredible!

Illustration for article titled This Fantastic Batman Armour Is Entirely 3D-Printed

As the proliferation of access to 3D printing grows, it's amazing to see what creative people can do with it. Sure, we've got the ISS printing it's own tools like we're in a quasi-Star Trek future already, but especially for cosplayers, access to the easy creation of custom costuming pieces and digital plans that can be shared simply across the world are huge boons for the community, and I can't wait to see what more people start using 3D printing to do when it's easier to get your hands on it. Even Dee isn't stopping - he's already got plans for 3D printed costumes based on Deathstroke and the Arkham Knight too.

For now though, if you want your own 3D-printed Batsuit, you can actually order one (for an undisclosed price) through Tundra and Gauntlet. Or I dunno, buy yourself a 3D printer and do it yourself! It's the futuuuuuuure.

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