This Folding Table Is Inspired By a Pop-Up Map of New York City

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At first glance this table looks like any other piece of minimalist furniture. But if you look at the intricate way in which it unfurls, you might notice a similarity with those pop-up city maps that neatly unfold with the flick of a wrist.

Of course, stood on a street corner, in the rain, somewhere in the middle of Manhattan you may not notice the elegant way in which a map of the city unfolds. But that’s not true of Swedish designers Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström. No: inspired by the neat folds in paper, the pair created the ‘Grand Central’ table.


Consisting of 22 connected pieces, the table gracefully unfolds into a minimalist table, measuring 30 inches across. The fold lines still stand out nicely once unfolded, reminding you of the inspiration behind the design.

Sadly the table is a design experiment rather than a commercial product — but it’s still very pretty.


[Sanna Lindstrom via Ignant]