This Free App Adds an iPhone X Notch to Your Android Phone

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Android smartphones with edge-to-edge screens, like the Samsung S8 or the Essential phone, have found elegant ways to deal with the devices’ forward-facing cameras and sensors. But if you’re an Android user who’d rather have a garish notch up top like the iPhone X, a new app called XOutOf10 will add a screen-blocking bar to whatever device you’re using.


The app doesn’t provide any additional functionality to your smartphone. You wont suddenly be able to create moving Animojis like the iPhone X can, nor will you be able to secure an older Android device using your face. The only real feature XOutOf10 provides is the ability to mock your Apple-loyal friends who are lusting over the iPhone X while seemingly turning a blind eye to one of Apple’s worst design decisions in years.

[Google Play Store via Taxi]



I’m seriously not trying to be that guy and I have read articles about it but I still don’t understand why iPhone X and that one Android phone are a thousand dollars. I actually interacted with the Android one (a friend of mine bought one) and other than having like a bajillion gigs of memory, I literally do not understand what makes it a thousand dollars. Can someone please explain?