This Glowing Orb Keeps Your Laptop Running Cool in Extreme Conditions

The easiest way to keep your laptop running at peak efficiency is to just keep it cool and comfortable. Its processor can get pretty toasty crammed in that ultra-thin housing, so Thermaltake's created a miniature portable air conditioner called the GOrb II that promises to keep your system comfortably cool, even if you're not.

Comprising a pair of fans sitting inside half-sphere housings that combine to form an easy-to-carry ball, the GOrb II steals power from one of your system's USB ports. So while it may keep things cool, it will also be a drain on your laptop's battery if a power outlet isn't available. But don't throw away that bag of ice cubes just yet, Thermaltake hasn't announced pricing or availability but hopefully the GOrb II will drop before the summer months bring your laptop to a crawl.


[Thermaltake via Ubergizmo]

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