This Gorgeous Timelapse of Australia's Outback Isn't Just Monochrome—It's Infra-Red

Australia's Canberra region is as beautiful as it is rugged. While the area may explode in color and life after seasonal rains, it is equally inhospitable during droughts. To capture this dichotomy, acrylic artist Phil Ryan teamed with photographer Glen Ryan in Karst Country.


Karst topography, with its dramatically eroded limestone formations, is found throughout the world from China to Ireland. The Canberra region in Southeast Australia, is especially rich in these formations. For the project, the two Ryans traveled to locales such as Wee Jasper, Blue Waterholes and Yarrangobilly, Phil creating vibrant paintings of the areas' plant and wildlife while Glen generated contrasting images of the rugged and overwhelming landscape. The show runs through this weekend at the Belconnen Arts Centre. [Karst Country]

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It would be great if cameras had a user selectable IR option.

The filter all cameras have over the sensor makes IR photography pretty difficult to do with digital cameras. To do it right, one has to get into the guts to make a camera IR sensitive....or have to live with long exposure times.