This Guy Jumped Off a 10-Story Building While on Fire Because Why Not

I shouldn't have to say it, but I'm going to anyways — do not try to jump off a building while on fire.

Now that the customary "don't be an idiot" PSA is out of the way, this video is insane. A Russian stuntman jumped 30 meters (about 100 feet) off a building while on fire. Pulling off his best Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith impersonation, the guy went back first into a pile of snow. He wasn't even using a stunt air bag.

From what I can tell, this wasn't for a movie or anything. As soon as he hits the snow, and black smoke curls out from the frosty embankment, people rush to see if he's ok. You think for a second he's about to get arrested for his little display, but then he's immediately interviewed about the experience. I can't tell if this guy is a hero or just completely crazy. Maybe both.


Strangely, the whole jumping-off-buildings-on-fire thing is a sort of Russian pastime. Sploid posted a similar video last February though it seems these high divers have upgraded their aerial antics with a head-mounted GoPro this time around.

Above is the stunt seen from the ground, you'll have to head over the YouTube to see the first-person perspective of the dangerous dive. [The Daily Dot]

GIF via Alexandr Chernikov

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This calls to mind an old joke: In WW-II a Russian squad deployed with an American squad for a joint mission. They board a C-47 and the American Lieutenant tells the Russian sergeant "We'll jump from one thousand feet." The Russians huddle up for a minute, then the sergeant says "No, is too high. We jump from one hundred feet only." The Lieutenant says "That's way too low; the parachutes won't have time to open." The sergeant says "Oh, we use parachutes? Ok then, one thousand feet."

The real punchline is that Russian troops really did jump from low flying aircraft into deep snow without parachutes. I guess these guys just have a different scale of risk.