This High School Principal Is Cooler than Yours Because He Arrived at Graduation Dressed as Iron Man

Today, a chapter in your lives ends. But tomorrow holds new promises for the future, and blah blah etc. etc.—graduation speeches are awful. Unless your principal gives the address in a full Iron Man suit.


Ming-Dao High in Taiwan must have the operating budget of Disney World, as their principal arrived on the scene with a giant projected backdrop, smoke machine, lights, and an Iron Man suit with glowing eyes. Glowing eyes. Some seriously impressive work went into this man's graduation surprise. I was lucky if the vending machine at my high school had Pop Tarts.

As you can imagine, the kids went nuts, because, hey, everyone loves Iron Man. But when the mask came off. Oh boy. Principal Albert T. Wang then proceeded to vaporize the entire graduating class with an electromagnetic pulse beam. [via BuzzFeed]

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Short and sweet. All graduation speeches should be like this.

(Well, not really, because then none of them would stand out as being awesome.)