This Ice Bra Is Designed to Fight the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

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These are Super Cool Bras, underwear full of a special gel engineered to remain "soft and supple even when frozen." It's been designed to fight the Fukushima atomic catastrophe, which has made Japan to shut down all of its reactors.

But how?

As the hot summer approaches, Japan is facing a power crisis. With no active nuclear plants, their electricity production is seriously diminished. This has moved the whole country into a campaign that wants to educate people about saving power, starting with air conditioning in offices and home: called Cool Biz, the government initiative wants people to wear less clothing so there's no need to crank up their A/C units, which are huge energy suckers.


These Super Cool Bras are designed precisely with that idea in mind. According to Triumph, the special gel will give the wearer a "cool sensation" while keeping her curves intact. Smart? Weird? I don't know. I just asked a woman about it and she says that she can say, in the name of every woman in the planet, that this is a stupid idea. However, I think it may be the best invention in the history of womankind. Especially when it's 104F outside.

What do you think? [The Age]