This Iguana Comes Running Like A Dog When Its Owner Calls

This (gigantic) Iguana's name is Buddy. Buddy has more charisma than 80% of cats I've interacted with.


[Dave Durham via Laughing Squid]



I'm left wondering after seeing the video how Iguanas interact with one another socially, from an evolutionary perspective. I presume there's at least some level of altruism and cooperation within iguana populations, for the sake of survival and which might translate to pet-behaviors, like affection or appreciation for an owner/food source/protector, but I want to be careful not to simply project what I know about dogs onto iguanas, as they're much different animals. Perhaps it's an example of homoplasty, a.k.a. convergent evolution?

You can see the iguana's eyes close as the owner made physical contact, which could denote an appreciation of affection. Certainly, the lizard was happy to see the owner on some level. The jaw and head movement was interesting, too.