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This Incredible Serpentor Statue Is the Ultimate Collectible for G.I.Joe Fans

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

He never had the charisma of Cobra Commander, but Serpentor, genetically engineered from history’s most brilliant military commanders, was still the ultimate G.I.Joe baddie. And while the G.I.Joe toyline hasn’t enjoyed the same longevity that Transformers has, I don’t know that Transformers has any merchandise as magnificent as this Serpentor statue from Prime-1 Studio.

Looking like a cross between an Egyptian warrior, a Roman centurion, and a character from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Serpentor gave G.I.Joe (as well as Cobra Commander) a lot of headaches in the animated series and comic books. But he never really ended up being a fan favorite, possibly because the over-the-top character—a snake man riding a hover-chariot—was always played so straight.


But regardless of his status, that doesn’t make this statue any less incredible or gorgeous. Standing 32 inches tall with an adjustable cape that can be posed hanging or flapping in the wind, there’s so much detail on this character you might not flinch when you hear it will set you back a hefty $900. It will be limited to 1,000 pieces, with an additional 50 statues that will include an alternate head sculpt.


Still, if you love G.I.Joe and have a large amount of disposable income, I think you have to try to get one of these. This, I command!

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