This Incredible Time Lapse of the High Plains During the Eclipse Brought Me to Tears

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Folks yak a lot of crap about the High Plains—mainly they complain about it being flat or boring as they drive down the infinitely straight highways. But a tour of places like Western Nebraska or South Dakota reveals a sublime landscape beneath a vast sky, accompanied by the humbling realization that you are just one tiny human on this very big, stormy planet.

A video probably can’t capture the feeling like a pickup truck and a guitar can, but this new release from the SKYGLOW project comes pretty close. The project’s producers headed to Carhenge, a very silly Stonehenge recreation, to present STORMHENGE.

The team produced the time lapse video over four shoots from 2015 to 2017 at the Western Nebraska site, which consists of 39 painted cars arranged in a 100-foot circle like the British counterpart. The region experiences both clear days and nights as well as violent storms thanks to its location, and both are captured in the video.


Carhenge received more than its usual share of spotlight this year, however, given its location along the Great American Eclipse’s path of totality. If you’re looking to experience the majesty of the eclipse again, the video’s got that for you as well.


As part of the larger SKYGLOW book and video project, the STORMHENGE video seeks to raise awareness of light pollution and capture the country’s starry skies before they disappear because of bright cities. You can read more about the project and book here.

Clearly, anyone who talks smack about the High Plains hasn’t stopped to take in the full majesty of its starry skies.


[SKYGLOW h/t Gavin Heffernan]