This Infinitely Configurable Pegboard Makes Storage Artful

Remember that pegboard you hung your baseball caps from in your bedroom when you were a kid? Pin-press is a vast improvement on the same idea.

It's a big board with giant wooden pegs you can push in and out to use as shelves, hooks, and all-around creative storage. The boards can be customized in bright yellows, pinks, blues, or reds, or you can stick with the natural wood finish. There's a smaller Pin-press for the wall that's 20 inches by 11 inches and a bigger standalone board that's 40 inches by 18 inches. They start at $900 and $2,700 respectively. And while that seems outstandingly expensive, they're handmade and they're sort of works of art in and of themselves, too. Hey, storage can be beautiful, too. [Pin-press]


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