This is a Stunning Seaside Timelapse

From astrophotographer Jack Fusco comes a breathtaking reminder to stop and savor the starscapes that soar above us every night – whether we find ourselves in rural Utah, far from city lights, or the Eastern seaboard, just a few miles removed from bright, bustling urban life.


"I’ve been working on a timelapse of thenight sky over the New Jersey coastline,” Fusco told Universe Today. “New Jersey definitely isn’t the best location for stargazing, but I think given the circumstances, many people will be surprised. I hope it inspires people to set some time aside to stargaze where they live even if they previously thought it wasn’t worth trying.”

Read more at Universe Today. See more of Fusco's work – and read more about the ten months of shooting that went into this timelapse – on his website.


Alice in Frankenstein

thanks - sorry tho'. This is time-lapse-lite. I'm down with the Jonsi-backed Icelandic volcano, or even better, 'Adrift', all about my hometown fog and with a beautiful original tune - or 'Choros' - all three of which I found here on io9 too, of course...

Even those really deep-sky-in-the-desert time-lapse films are a little bit too long for my taste - but this. I don't care if it's Jersey.

'Spak!'? Steel drum? really?