This Is Now the Most Expensive Game In History

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Remember the legendary gold cartridges created for the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, which included Super Mario Bros, Rad Race, and Tetris, the "Holy Grail of Gaming Collectibles"? Me neither. Someone does, and he paid $17,500 for it.

His name is JJ Hendricks, and he beat the previous game selling price record—which was also for one of these—by a $2,500 margin. Only 26 gold-painted cartridges were made and given to the winners and runner up of the Nintendo World Championships. [JJ Hendrick's account of the events via Offworld via Kotaku—Thanks JJ]

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Is there seriously a big enough market in second hand games (even limited edition ones) to justify this price. And is this market stable enough that he might be able to sell it on at a profit later, making this a sound investment.