This Is Objectively the Saddest Amazon Lightning Deal of All Time

As of the time of publication, you have approximately one hour remaining to claim your $2.44 discount on Quicken Will Maker Premium 2012 from Amazon. Everything about this is just so terrifically, hopelessly, gleefully sad!


Don't be fooled by that 78% off figure; this hour's lightning deal is really only 10% off of Amazon's everyday price of $20.43. Also, it's will-making software. From Quicken. On a CD-ROM. For Windows.

Says Amazon reviewer Tim:

It also isn't a one size fits all in that I couldn't customize it as well as I would have wanted to. It works, but looking back and into the future I think I will use a lawyer and pay the extra next time.

Anyways, if you're thinking about death but need to set aside enough money for a liter of Coke Zero tonight, your stars have aligned. As for the rest of us, welcome to Amazon, where frugality and mortality commingle for two hours and then disappear forever! [Amazon]

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