This Is Real Team Work

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And the cutest photo of the day award goes to If You Can't Reach That Nintendo 3DS, Team Up With Your Twin Sister. I wonder how often do they change places. [Google+Thanks Gustavo!]


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Last night, during a heated discussion in a post about Google, Jesus called someone a "corporate cocksucker". Then he did it again. Then he said something I don't really understand about tits. It's a clear violation of our commenting policy.

In Jesus' own words:

If you cross a line, you are done.

I hate to do this, but we have to hold ourselves to the same standards as we hold our readers; these lines have to exist for us as well. Jesus is banned from commenting.

Oh, and speaking of comments, I've disabled them for this post because, frankly, the discussion would just devolve into Jesus hate-fest, and I couldn't take that. I wish you could know Jesus like I know him; he's a wonderful guy who cares deeply about this site. Sometimes his passions get the better of him, and that's often what gets him in trouble. The next time you're tempted to lash out, I hope you'll put yourself in his shoes and consider what that comment would feel like if you were on the receiving end of it""

heres the link to the page []

i found this entire post to be unnecessary. every little dispute that happens inside a company doesn't need to be posted to the world win or lose. this proves nothing this helps no one. im supposed to believe comments are disable to protect jesus, or rather is it to prevent disagreement? this post is suspiciously self-serving and indirect gloating. i heartedly disagree with the necessity of this article and i post this despite the ban i might recieve.