This Is the Best FourSquare Perk Ever

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Woz forwarded this great picture from his friend Ron Schnell over the weekend: a parking slot permanently reserved for a restaurant's FourSquare mayor! The details, according to Ron:

I'm Woz's friend who sent this to him. FYI, in case it's not obvious, the sign is in front of the first parking spot at the restaurant (Talia's Tuscan Table in Boca Raton, Florida). I was shocked and overjoyed to see it!


I'm sure other restaurants will adopt this policy after seeing this.

I don't drive and I don't use FourSquare, but if I could get a table always reserved because I'm the mayor of my favorite place, I would use it.



If i actually checked in places I eat, I would be the Mayor of the Chipotle by my house for sure.