This Is what $1,100,000 in Audio Equipment Looks Like

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Wowza. Ivan Messer brings a new meaning to audiophile as he already spent well over five years tweaking and tuning his equipment to perfection. His $1.1 million in Richard Gray and McIntosh audio equipment that is.


I doubt that the picture can even convey just how much equipment, time, love and care the guy has put into things:

The current breakdown on his room has about $800,000 worth of McIntosh gear, which is predominantly source components, amplifiers and speakers. Then, there's about $125,000 on the video side. The rest is cosmetic-decorating, seating and woodwork. Then, he has maybe another $80,000 in just software, which includes 6,000 Blu-ray movies, CDs and DVDs.


Considering that this equipment listing is what he had around this time last year, it's anyone's guess what he's up to by now.

The sad part though? "Ivan doesn't crank this system to 11-unless it's for a demo." Seems like a shame with a system like that. I could definitely think of songs to blast on it. [Electronic House via Boing Boing]

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6,000 BluRay movies? I can't find a source on this, but I'm pretty sure the number of released BluRay movies is around 3,000. 6 seems way too high.

What other numbers in that paragraph have been doubled/exaggerated?