This Is What Cars Might Look Like On Your Next Kindle

Exactly what Amazon has in store for the next generation of Kindle is unclear. But if they stick with E-Ink, this clip of a color, video-playing E-Ink display from Kindle screen-manufacturer PVI could be sneak peek.

We've known for a while that Amazon has a color, multitouch mega-Kindle in the works, and their recent iPad app was just a glimpse of what they might have in store.


What's unclear is what kind of displays we'll see on this next generation of Kindles. In February, Amazon bought a multitouch LCD company called Touchco, signaling their interest in developing a device that could go head to head with the iPad and co.

But the Kindle's E-Ink display is a draw for many users, and it's hard to imagine Amazon abandoning it altogether. It's certainly in the realm of possibility that the Kindle line could expand to include both an LCD display device and an E-Ink one. From the looks of things, the next generation of E-Ink displays from Prime View might not be a multimedia slam dunk, but their improved performance would be a welcome refresh for those accustomed to sitting around, waiting for their Kindles to, you know, refresh. [PC World]



Like another comment pointed out: the reason a lot of people love the Kindle is because it's simple and the eInk is easy on the eyes. All we need is to be able to access the Amazon books database, get the book and read it.

I know the convergence and iPad crowd is gonna answer with the standard-fare "people want their gadgets to do everything" but do they really? Not everyone does. Most people don't use half the features on their phones or in their cars. If a gadget does one thing really really well, people will buy it. Just ask Nintendo.