This Is What Las Vegas's Hyperloop Test Track Will Look Like

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Hyperloop Technologies, one of the companies vying to build Elon Musk’s (other) vision of future transportation, is planning on building a test track in North Las Vegas. Here’s what the company thinks it will look like.


The track will be open to the air rather than in a tube, a big departure from the plans for a full-on Hyperloop, which would run in a tube mostly devoid of air. The purpose of the open-air test track is mostly to trial the systems used to accelerate the pod up to hundreds of miles an hour: in this case, it will be shooting a ‘test vehicle’ up to 300mph, in just half a mile of track, taking a grand total of two seconds. Presumably, there is a large pile of mattresses at the other end.

It’s a long way from being the future of mass transport, but still: from white paper to high-speed electromagnetic catapult in two years is pretty darn good.



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... but isn’t the core feature of Hyperloop the low pressure operating environment? Is it really a Hyperloop test track if it doesn’t have that?