This Is What Stephen Hawking Thinks About Heaven

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Stephen Hawking says heaven is just a fairy tale for those scared of death. If that means there's no hell, I'd be sad. There's always BBQs and cold beer in hell—and everyone knows all the words to the songs.


That's what David Byrne says, anyway. [The Guardian]

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If there is no God and I live my life like there is no God there is no negative consequence.

If there is no God and I live my life there there is a God, the negative consequence would logically be a self enforced moralism and limiting of certain actions for no reason other than my own thoughts.

If there is a God and I live my life like there is a God, the consequences would logically be beneficial as I obeyed what essentially amounted to the rule put in place for the environment we live in.

If there is a God and I live my life like there is no God, the consequences would be negative to the nth degree. Logically I would be disobeying the very rules set in place to successfully navigate life and the environment we live and possibly cause agitation to the creator.

I do not believe in Santa, but I do not spend any amount of time trying to convince anyone there is no Santa. Why do people, ones that are revered as so intelligent, spend so much time proving something does not exist if it does not exist. What has Mr. Hawking gained at all, from his years of saying the same thing over and over.

In Christianity, and many other beliefs, to tell others of God, is implied. Does Mr. Hawking's non God impulse him to constantly make this his life's mission?

I think there needs to be a new term for a group within atheists. Something to describe those who feel the need to constantly tell others there is not something they believe does not exist. I have many friends who are atheists, and yes if I pressed them in a conversation, they would definitely let me know they strongly did not believe in God, but there is a group that really does have a drive behind them to convince the world. This same group would point to all the wars of man, the various things that have been done in the past because of people who used religion as a cloak for their own greed and say see, it is religion. Religion is the source of man's problems.

You take away religion, you will still have greed, hate, and envy. You will still have someone trying to squash the chance of others so that they might possibly make it one step higher.

People love to trash God, a belief in God, and anyone who allows such a belief to influence their actions. They point to the negative things that have occurred. As if the positive things did not far outweigh the good.

Where are the Atheist founded hospitals, free schools, and other common signs of benefit? Red Cross and Red Crescent, where is the Red Atheist? Salvation Army, where is the no need for Salvation army? Where are the Atheist centers that hand out cooked meals in parks, give clothes to the homeless? Name the cures for cancer, the curse for depression, the cures for anything of any real ill that have been developed because of a group of atheists?

I am not trolling, this article was meant to bring up this discussion. Now rather than pick apart any mistakes I might of made in grammar, why don't you strong Atheists assist me in understanding what I apparently so foolishly don't. How does your lack of belief in God make your life any better?