Illustration for article titled This Isnt The Apple Tablet You Were Hoping For, Rather Its The PoMMeS Tablet

Those French. When they're not making it difficult to order a croissant, they're busy populating the FCC with puntastic tablets. The French company Thomson and Technicolor's PoMMeS tablet (pommes, of course, being French for "apple") looks like a bad knock-off.


According to the FCC description, the PoMMeS tablet measures 8-inches, with an 800 x 480 LCD touchscreen (complete with stylus), and VoIP video conferencing via the built-in webcam and speakers. It'll be capable of streaming video no doubt, and doing the usual web browsing that's become standard for tablets.

Inside that shiny plastic monochrome body is a Texas Instruments DaVinci and Xilinx logic chip, with the usual ports included. Really, it's not worth getting excited over—it's just the daring cheek of Thomson to name their product the PoMMeS tablet which is making me laugh. [FCC via Technabob]


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