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This Kid Took Apart a Microwave to Create an Insane (and Stupid) Weapon

So don't take a microwave apart. Don't. Take. A microwave. Apart. Don't do it. Don't! But if you were curious about what would happen if you did, these idiots have you covered. It's as awesome as it is stupid! It is very awesome and very stupid.


According to Kreosan, the crazy microwave-stick's creators (and Darwin award contenders), this contraption is a microwave's magnetron on a stick, with a directional antenna to aim it. The result is a magic wand that can light up lights, blow up stereos, oh and also definitely kill you.

Kreosan describes his/their/its channel this way (Google translated from Russian):

Our channel video about unusual experiments with electricity, experiments and inventions. Here we share new ideas, different from the majority of habitual thinking.


It's sure to be a great ride until someone dies. [Kreosan via Digg]

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Denver is too damn high

It's disturbing enough to make me think twice about the microwave in the house