Amazing Lego Optimus Prime actually transforms from truck to autobot

Lego builder Alex Jones, AKA Orion Pax, has constructed an amazing Lego replica of Optimus Prime. The detail and functionality are phenomenal. Jones has been working on his Lego G1 Transformers series for over 10 years. Cybertron would be proud.

He's made various versions of Optimus Prime, Blaster, Starscream and Soundwave and with each iteration he's improved on the design and functionality of each. For instance, when working on Hound he claims he "had to wait years until the colors were available" in order to finish the build to his satisfaction. If you're a fan of Autobots and Decepticons then definitely visit his showroom to see his other Transformer replicas.


This project is intensely personal and Jones states that he's "always on a quest for the right technique in order to get every transformation, every little feature and detail of every character right." Personally, I loved Transformers growing up, and this homage is fantastic. It just sucks that Kre-O has the rights to Hasbro construction sets and so there won't be any official Lego Transformers. [Orion Pax]


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