This Lego Version Of The Force Awakens Trailer Is Amazingly Well Done

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As we come to the end of 2014, year of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, we head into 2015... year of the mashups of said Star Wars trailer. We've featured some good ones here on io9, but this Lego-ified take might be one of the best.


Youtuber Zach Machias over at Mind Game Studios is behind this very impressive Lego take on The Force Awakens' teaser, posted over the holiday weekend, and of all the Lego-style parodies (there has, of course, been plenty) this certainly might be one of the slickest. Machias is using actual Lego of course - even custom made ones, like that new helmet for the Stormtroopers - but it's so well animated that it's hard to tell what was done with real Lego and what was CG-enhanced trickery. It's not got the same sort of home-made aesthetic you usually get from Lego animations like this, but is so well done it almost looks like it's from a Lego video game rather than a fan-made trailer. Nice work, Zach!

Now that the awesome mashup is out of the way though, perhaps we can have a time out... well, until the next Star Wars trailer is out. I expect we'll be seeing plenty more of these in the future ahead of The Force Awaken's December 2015 release.

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