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This Light-up Hoodie Gives You Unfathomable Imaginary Magic Powers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It started life as another one of ThinkGeek's impressive April Fool's Day prank products, but like the Tauntaun sleeping bag before it, there was enough demand from the site's fans to make the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie a reality. If you're a cosplayer who's ever dreamed of magical powers, you better go get your credit card.


Using a set of built-in accelerometers and strips of colored, low-heat LEDs, the sleeves and hood of this cosplayer's dream outfit light-up in response to specific movements. The hoodie lets you perform nine different pre-programmed spells in all, including shooting fireballs, raising the dead, and blasting lightning bolts.


Powered by a six AA batteries, the hoodie even has accompanying sound effects so you barely need an imagination at all to believe that slipping on this magical garment has granted you wizard-like powers. Unfortunately the one spell that could help you pay for the $120 hoodie—turning anything into gold—isn't included. So you'll have to rely on that old tried and true trick of yours: begging your parents to buy it for you. [ThinkGeek]