We all love rumors, but this one, well, let's just say it's not the most trustworthy rumor we've ever seen. Let's consider the source.

It's from a scummy site called Palluxo Media that, when investigated by Fortune, seems to have its sights set on lowering Apple's stock prices:

"You fell for Palluxo?," wrote "cynyc" - one of my regular readers - when I cited that quote as an attempt to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about Apple. "That site only exists to promote the agenda of Apple shorts [speculators betting that the stock will go down]."

I thought my reader was being overly cynical, but the recent history of Palluxo's Steve Jobs coverage suggests he may be onto something.

Consider this sequence of Palluxo headines:

* December 31, 2008: "CEO Steve Jobs on Deathbed, Prognosis Poor"
* May 23, 2009: "Apple Rumor: Steve Jobs Could Die Any Day"

and Thursday's prizewinner:

* June 11, 2009: "Apple Rumor: Steve Jobs Seen Kissing Unidentified Man"

But hey, the unidentified source claims to have evidence captured on a security camera! And he only wants $75,000 for it! We'll like, totally set up a PayPal account so everyone can chip in, OK guys? [Fortune]