This Mesmerizing Video Shows the Evolution of Animation Over a Century

You don’t have to be a cartoonist to appreciate how far we’ve come since the first animated movies. You’ve probably seen some of the most iconic moments from cartoons like Steamboat Willie or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But have you ever seen them edited together in a giant supercut?


YouTube channel The Solomon Society recently compiled the most iconic 2D moments in animation history and put them all into a short video for you to see. For any newbies, it’s a crash course in some of the most seminal moments in cartoon history. For those who grew up on this stuff, it’s a familiar trip down memory lane. Either way, you should take four minutes out of your day and check out this mesmerizing video.

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At what point do modern computer animated movies reach “singularity”?

I was watching Moana and I realized that cgi animation is starting to get so realistic that we might as well just make them live action films, or vice a versa.

Live action films with CGI have become so over the top that they remove the viewer from a suspension of disbelief, while realistic CGI in animation films are also starting to feel meaningless and void of personality and character.

I need more of this in my life:

And a lot less of this garbage:

That pic of moana makes me feel like I’m watching a TLC reality show promo “It Takes Two To Tongan!”

CGI and cal arts artists have created a mass of blandness that unfortunately seems to be never ending.

Rant over, now get off my Mary Blair cloud!