This Might Explain Why Your iMessages Are F*cked Up

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Are your special blue iMessages acting up? Do they arrive late, or maybe not at all? It looks like there's a solution—and Apple is to blame.

Brian X. Chen over at the NYT found a solution after his iMessages were vanishing into a void:

A few weeks ago, I was using Apple's iMessage messaging service on the iPhone, making plans to see a movie with a group of friends. Suddenly they stopped replying, and about an hour later I saw them check in at the movie theater on Foursquare.


This could ruin your life, digitally. But then:

The following morning my iPhone exploded with about a dozen messages from my friends discussing when and where they were meeting to see the movie.


Delay. Lag. Lag! What if this had been a matter of life and death, not movies and fun? Death. Death would have happened. So Chen, guessing that his Messages beta—which routes iMessages to your computer at the same time as your phone—was holding everything up. It looks like he was right! After deleting Messages, no more delays for his account. And it makes sense: Messages is an unfinished product and a ton of people are using iMessages. Beta software plus gigantic traffic equals headache. Just pray this all gets banged out before Apple makes Messages official, or the iMessage utopia we dream of will be a vast pain in our asses. [NYT via TNW]