This Misbehaving Robot Wants to Scribble All Over Your Walls

There's still no robot that can successfully fake unconditional love or a child's innocent laughter. But now, thanks to a team of German tinkerers, there is one that can emulate a child's uninvited wall art.

Vertwalker is a project by the Berlin-based creative studio Sonice Development. Using a series of custom sensors, it darts from one edge of the wall space to the other, dragging a marker or crayon behind it as it goes, creating giant matrix of colorful lines. Essentially, it's an anti-Roomba that clings to your wall and—instead of cleaning—scrawls on it like an especially naughty (and very tall) child.

The specifics of how exactly the Vertwalker pulls off its gravity-defying antics aren't entirely clear, but its prowess at vandalism is unmatched. It might not be the kind of art you want drawn directly on your wall, sure—but all things considered, the results are kind of intriguing. And if that's the kind of thing you're into, it's probably way easier than getting an actual child. [DesignBoom]


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