This MMA Badass Braved the Fukushima Evacuation Zone Just to Feed Stray Dogs

Enson Inoue is a 5 foot 10, 210 pound, MMA heavyweight championship-winning, black belt-wearing, thrower of fists, knees, and other jabbing appendages. He also loves dogs enough that he risked massive radiation to help abandoned animals. This guy is good.


Enson breached the Fukushima evacuation zone—an 18 mile radius around the leaking plant—with the non-profit Hachiko Coalition, which has been caring for the countless irradiated pets left behind in the crisis. This isn't like going to your neighborhood kennel and scratching some stray's head. There are extremely lethal doses of radiation still pouring out of Fukushima, and Enson didn't care. He just wanted to drop off some dog chow.

It's particularly incredible how close Enson got to the plant—this shot is possibly the nearest I've seen from any source, journalistic or otherwise. And you can see just how cracked to hell the doomed plant is. I suppose that when your career is getting bludgeoned into near-hemorrhaging, a little cesium isn't going to scare you. Or you just have balls the size of fission reactors. [via Hachiko Coalition]


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